Thursday, February 9, 2017

Big Bike T.T.

 March 16th, Daytona T.T. The Big Bikes are back on a special track designed by T.T. specialist Chris Carr who says the track is designed especially for the Twins. Let's hope that there is a jump and it is at least equal to Ascots where 750 Twins flew with spectacular wild abandon. I am sure a little Kawi twin feels like a 450 compared to a XR or and Indian, so the advantage may be in their court.  I enjoyed many Ascot T.T.s and watched them air them out over the jump , landing those big twins with style and grace. Look at Gary Scott in the 1976 Ascot Ad flying his Factory XR, incredible. Gary is a tiny little guy and he manhandled the big Harley with aplomb. It was really something to see.  Looking forward to the first race of the year and the Retro Twins T.T. to boot.
 Grand National Champ Gary Scott seeing eye to eye with Dick O'brien, Harley's Racing Manager.
This wasn't to last long as Scott felt as No.1 he was worth more than the measly salary O'brien wanted to pay him, so he quit and took on the Motor Co. on his own privateer Triumphs and made them wish they had payed him a whole lot more.
Gary Scott out front again with team mate Corky Keener in tow.