Saturday, January 7, 2017

Adios National #11 Jim McMurren

 Thinking a lot about my late buddy Jim McMurren since he passed a month ago. Today at his home in Jamul, California, they are celebrating his life and what a wonderful action packed life he had. Born in San Diego he and his high school chums, Cal Rayborn and Jack Nealey were bitten by the motorcycle bug and became two wheel delivery riders and made more money doing that than their dads were earning. Local racing was soon their focus and onward and upward from there.
Here Jim's night end early at the 1970 Houston Astrodome Short Track National. Lawwill and a few others crashed right in front of him and he ended up walking back to the pits with his one wheeled dancing partner.
Jim spent the summer racing season in the Mid West racing the fair Circuit and his favorite track Santa Fe, Chicago. Here he is racing his good friend and traveling compadre Sid Carlson at Sante Fe.
Both on Jim's Harley Sprints which were his specialty.

Jim at the Astrodome chasing Dan Haaby and cutting inside National No.1 Gary Nixon

From June of 1967, Jim 11R  Pit Gate Receipt, Columbus Half Mile.
Jim McMurren was a first class gentleman and I am honored to have known him and called him my friend.