Monday, November 14, 2016

When Ducatis look like Huskys and Huskys look like an ugly bug you want to squash with your boot.

Ducati fashioned their new Desert Sled version of the Scrambler with the iconic King of the Desert red and chrome Husky trade mark paint scheme and it looks fantastic. It also has an extended swing arm and 8 inches of travel in the rear, and a 19 inch front wheel. Perfectly suited to haul ass from Adelanto to Big Bear for lunch and back, on perfect sandy washes and tracks.
WTF !!?? This is the Husky Svartpilen Scrambler. A complete eyesore of a motorcycle if I ever saw one. The Husky Dealers are going to have oodles of these things clogging up their showrooms until the factory comes up with a replacement kit that includes a beautiful red and chrome, traditionally shaped tank, a Bates styled, single Desert saddle with a short polished aluminum fender protruding from the rear. No doubt the running gear is Husky magnificent, ruined by a body that I will call Futuristic Fail. Husky have lost their way in the styling dept.