Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dems are Dicks

Over the course of the eight years, the bar for liberal tolerances been set incredibly low for the incoming president.
The left has tolerated violent protests and leaders who lie and deceive them and rig their own primary elections.
Economically they have tolerated massive debt: half-trillion dollar annual deficits; meager gross domestic product grown; incredibly high minority unemployment; a rich/ poor income gap that continues to ballon; and a forced use of an expensive uncompetitive medical program.
They have tolerated the collusion of big business and Wall Street with state leaders; IRS and State Dept employees who plead the Fifth and destroy evidence of their wrong doing ( and yet, somehow manage to stay in the federal employ); a widespread perception of pay-to-play for large contracts and favored treatment for specific companies and industries; the reckless handling of national security information and lack of IT security; expanded executive power to the government by pen and phone; the threat to withhold federal funds from cities that pass unpopular laws; and backroom partisan legislation without opposing party representation.
Globally they have tolerated the overthrow of countries from the air with no regards for the aftermath; the continued deployment to the middle east of tens of thousand of soldiers , sailors and airmen with no clear mission; the use of drone strikes that continue to lead to civilian casualties( after threatening to impeach Geo W. Bush for the same); and the aggressive Russian and Chinese military expansion into the Ukraine and the South China Sea , respectively.
                                                                                                                                         Graig Olsen