Monday, October 31, 2016

Grass Roots Short Track at it's best. CALVMX Flat Track

 About half a mile from the Mexican border in Campo, Calif, CALVMX have built a beautiful little bull ring that is providing loads of fun for a mix of Old Time Flat Trackers and first-timers. A good mix of classes draws all kinds of bikes and knobbies are allowed in some classes which lets newbies have a crack at it and get the sideways circle bug. The track is getting better and better with each meet and this time held up to constant abuse.
 Tom " Too Fast" Ferguson on his Cheney Yamaha 360.

 70's Flat Tracker VS Modern Super Moto
 Old MXers work great on the tight little track and having knobbie classes, lets you drag out bikes that haven't seen the light of day in years.
 This young lady Randi, never heard of Dave Aldana !
 Pie Plates and Powerslides in the Hooligan class.

 Steve Kukla is an old time Flat Tracker who loves this place.

 Good close racing prevails.
 When you pass Santa and then pinch him off, you definitely shouldn't expect any Xmas gifts !
 Bad Santa ( It is Halloween so all costumes are welcome) gets with it on his 400 CZ
 100% 100cc
Miller Time !