Monday, September 26, 2016

Kopp and Indian on fire in Santa Rosa

 This is something I thought I would never see ! Joe Kopp, Indian Debutante, pushes the blown up Factory Harley back to the pits after it expired in clouds of smoke after trying to keep up with the new Indian. Kopp and Baker are good buddies from the State of Washington. The Indian is the real deal and won the Dash and lead the Main. Kopp faded from battling with Brad for the lead for some reason, I assume he got roosted heavily on the cushion track and could not see. He did finish in a very impressive 7th place however and to be so competitive all day long on the brand new Indian ,it says heaps for both rider and machine. Cycle News has not been emailed yet so, I will find out for sure in a few hours.  The Indian has got some serious straight line speed which should make for an incredible 2017 season. Kopp rode like he was contending for the Championship. The most exciting racing I've seen in ages. Congratulations Joe Kopp, what a showing for you and the new Indian.
 Brad Baker being passed by Kopp, which was a eye opener that happened repeatedly through out  the races. Baker went on to win the Main in convincing and spectacular  fashion on his factory XR750.
The Indian wails by Brad one more time.