Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#42 about to become No.1

The AMA ruled that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Bryan Smith's rear wheel at the New York National. His points were reinstated and he now leads Mees 221- 219.
Smith's Kawi has been dominant on the Miles but not always, ie: Kenny Coolbeth's beautiful Springfield upset. Santa Rosa is a crap shoot because the track can be anything from rough as guts to smooth to deep cushion to tacky. No one knows. It could favor the Kawi or it could not. The race is really on for the No.1 Plate. A perfect ending to a sensational season.

Does Mees get any kind of penalty for calling out Smith about his so called water filled heavy rear wheel?  He should, because it looks now, like it looked in N.Y. , a chicken shit stab in the dark by the Champ, to get any kind of advantage. Not exactly sporting.