Saturday, August 6, 2016

Carrell Speedway , the first famous Dirt Track in Los Angeles

Carrell Speedway first opened its gates to Dirt track fans in 1940. It was a hot bed of Motorcycle and Car racing for 14 years when the lease on the property expired and the track was bulldozed to make way for a housing development. The speedway was located at 174th and Vermont in Gardena, So Cal, just north of its replacement Ascot Park , 182nd and Vermont.  J.C. Agajanian actually managed Carrell Speedway for many years and he put together a consortium to build the new track which was a long term lease of 50 years on a tin can dump which they covered with dirt.  Carrell speedway was a first class facility and a half mile which Aggy copied for Ascot. The track was paved in 1948 and ran that way until its demise in 1954. In 1951 NASCAR held its first race west of the Mississippi at Carrell Speedway.

Foreign Stock , Right Hand drive ran clockwise on the dirt and the paved track.
America's hero Phil Hill , U.S.A.'s first Formula One Champion, cut his racing
teeth here at Carrell and got himself the notoriety (driving his famous MG TC ) that propelled him to the pinnacle of
Motor Racing.

The Speedway right next to one of the worlds first Drive In Movie Theaters.
Parking was a problem at the track. Look at the cars.

Hudson Hornets were the hot ticket on the dirt.

That looks like one fine dirt track.

Track Roadsters that evolved into Modifieds and then Sprint Cars were the volume class for the track.