Monday, August 15, 2016

Cal Rayborn

 Cal in his prime. The world became aware of Rayborn when he dominated at the 1973 Trans Atlantic match Races in Britain which pitted the top Americans against the top British road racers on their home tracks. Rayborn was riding the tracks for the first time.
 Cal on his winning XR750 Road Racer
 Early win at Cajon Speedway on a Honda 305. The San Diego track was a TT course that was the starting point for a number of top caliber dirt trackers.
 This is one important Photo ! Cal Rayborn #127 winning his very first Road Race at Paradise Mesa Raceway , San Diego. Cal beat all the exotics on his Louie Kaiser built Harley Hummer. Here he passes an MV Augusta for the win. Cal was sensational on road racers and pretty good on Flat Trackers. Paradise Mesa was an Air Strip turned Drag Strip that doubled as a road course.
 A few years later and Cal on his factory Harley Sprint battles his San Diego buddy Jim McMurren at the famed Short Track, Sante Fe, Chicago , Il.
Cal's Factory 250 Sprint.