Tuesday, June 7, 2016

X Games in Austin. Flat Tracking to capture Generation Z

Bryan Smith had a very off day in Austin and wound up on the ground and out in the Main.
Mees got it together on the rough and short oval and no one could touch him although Coolbeth gave it his all and made the race interesting to a point. Apparently 10 days of wet weather almost cancelled the event. So once again, Flat Track did not live up to it's potential for exciting racing, leaving new viewers to the sport going Ho-Hum instead of Wow that was something. Maybe next year, the third time lucky law will be in effect. Lets hope so. Maybe they should put them on 450s as the racing is more the point than the bikes. You don't get to hear them anyway on TV and on that track, 450s would be faster and racier. I am not giving up on the X Games exposure but I am disappointed our sport hasn't shone like it should in Austin.
The race in the Main, Coolbeth attacking Mees but coming up short. Thank you Kenny for making it exciting and not a complete bore.
And away they go.