Sunday, June 19, 2016


 Mees and Smith foot pack their start trench.
 Sammy gave some serious love to his front end right before the green
 Kenny Coolbeth continued his dominance right from the go but his bike didn't  ending what was sure to be another win.
 Mees took over with a vengeance and was way outfront.
 Single File restart after red flag for Sammy's laydown.
 Smith took full advantage of his second chance and looked strong out front with 5 to go.
 Until Mees found his fast rhythm and blew by the 42 to gap him at the checkers by 2+ seconds.
 Baker found some speed during the race and looked spectacular going for it on the high line.
 He must have been spinning hard because once again the Factory Harley went bang and rolled to stop
 Mees rode like the Champion he is and showed the XR750 still has it on what I would call the most traditional of track conditions. We need more tracks like these where it is positively thrilling to watch.
 The GNC2 race was fantastic with Charles Gerencer going for it only to be out raced by a charging Tristan Avery who ate an acre of Gerencer's roost to get to roll up on the podium.