Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Johnny Apple San Diego Flat Tracker

 Johnny Apple has been racing his whole life. Started racing with his childhood friend Cal Rayborn
and is still racing occasionally today at 73 years young.
 Big day for Johnny at Carlsbad Road Race course in 1967.

 I took this photo way back when, at one of the first "The Shop" Ventura Vintage Races. Johnny looking good in his Santa Claus mode. A few other guys you might recognize, Ray Hensley, Charlie Southgate( older Gent ,Center) who was flying that day on a Triumph. Mrs Jim McMurren, Nancy, cute blonde,Cecil Oswald, Johnny Kent, Tom Ferguson, Julian Arthur, John Dupree.
 Johnny pulls the Holeshot at Campo, CA  CALVMX FT  in a mixed class race.

Riding his old bud Cal Rayborn's 250 Harley Sprint.