Sunday, May 15, 2016

Smith Schlongs them in Eh Zee

 Brian Smith got some satisfaction at the Arizona Mile by decimating the field in a show of complete superiority on the mile track. 2nd place Mees was so far back you could not even see him on the Fanschoicetv broadcast. The Phoenix Turf Club was a new track to the Series so it was an even playing field for all who rolled out onto the racing surface. Smith demonstrated his skill and determination by manhandling a very tricky and technical track. Watching him slip and slide around while way out front, had us praying he wouldn't overcook it and slide off the groove. He never slowed down and held it together for what was one of the most impressive mile victories ever. This being the 1st of 4 Miles in a row, bodes well for the Crosley Howerton Kawasaki Team.
Ron Wood and Dalton Gauthier
GNC2 turned out to be an incredible spectacle all through the heats to the last lap of the Main. Dalton Gauthier #14a was on the gas all day long and his dogged determination got him a very popular and hard fought win aboard none other than Ron Woods FS800 which has been racing in GNC Nationals for over a decade with a long list of potential winners riding it ( Jethro pictured at Pomona with his Mom). Gauthier even had a spectacular get off all captured on FCTV but came back in true Dirt Track hero style to win the thing. What a ride Dalton !
Ron Wood had to be very well pleased with his rider and the outcome. He has been campaigning his BMW for many long years and it has always been a favorite , because Ron is a So Cal Hero and the Beemer is a beautiful fast machine that sounds glorious blasting through two big megaphones. Ron Wood and his Wood Rotax Singles owned AMA Flat Track for many years until the AMA outlawed them so other brands could win. He built 500 of the big 600 Singles in all. This BMW Special was his idea of how to compete in the bigs of AMA GNC Racing. I am sure if the BMW Factory have had supported his efforts ( They weren't the slight bit interested) we would have seen many FS800 Parallel Twins winning rather than Kawasaki Parallel Twins up front taking the checkers.