Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ryan Foster 23y Holeshot the Arizona Mile

 One of the most exciting aspects of the Arizona Mile was the start of the Main when Ryan Foster from the inside pole got the holeshot and led for 4 laps. There was all kinds of strategy plays by Smith and Mees who opted for the outside pole and 2nd row outside pole for a quick trip to the traction of  the racing line which was up against the fence. It was all for naught as Foster showed his stuff and banged gears to the front at Turn 1 leaving the whole field to eat his dust. He actually gaped them for about 4 laps and was looking really strong. The pack drafted together ,caught him and freight trained by. Those 4 laps were what Ryan has been working towards his whole career and they had to be monumental for him. He will now get a National Number and we all look for more big things from Ryan. This is Ryan doing his thing on a 450 at Pomona
 Winning a GNC2 Heat at Grays Harbor Half Mile National
 Enjoying the win with his dad
Tucked in at the Sacramento Mile on a Suzuki of 97y. He must have had mechanical issues with his bike and rode this at the very last minute.