Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Triumph Passenger Flat Track Footpeg

For years a mainstay for right hand footpegs for Flat Trackers. 
Just the right size and length and usually with  a bend at the end 
to keep your foot from sliding off. This one on Jorgy's Woods Norton.
Elliot Iverson's Factory Racer Woods Rotax with a nice twist 
to secure your boot for weighted forward traction.
Rules changed from time to time on just how low and how far back it could be mounted.
The Triumph Peg is still popular on GNC Twins and up to date Vintage racers.John Kosinski has a lot of room left on his as he brake slides his CR 250 Honda into SCFTA Perris Turn 1.
Jeff Johnson on his Yamaha 500.