Monday, March 21, 2016

Beach Cruiser

 You might have a road bike and a fixie and a mountain bike in your quiver but, if you live in our neck of the woods, you have to have a beach cruiser too. Riding the Strand, a cement path that follows the ocean shore most everywhere possible in SoCal, is a social right of passage. Each section of the Strand from Ventura down through Santa Monica to the South Bay, Long Beach, Huntington down to Dana, San Clemente , San Diego all the way down to the Mexican Border at the south end of Imperial Beach is a rolling party year round except for those few rainy days. Don't wear you lycra, butt hugging clown suit, it's strictly board shorts and flip flops and nothing else unless you are a white whale, then please cover up with your favorite Deus or Sideburn Tee. Classic Schwinn Beach Cruisers are highly desired but one of the many clones will do the job nicely. If you want to make your presence felt, make an appearance on a long and low custom like this one. Nothing beats bar hopping on something that sets you apart from the huge, slow pedaling throng, more than your own creation . You will feel real push bike prowess.