Thursday, February 18, 2016

The One Sickle Show Feb 13th, 2016.

Beautiful RD350
Sidehack Taco Truck
Great building but a bit small for the crowd. Capacity 1600 and a long line to get in that went completely around the building and moved at a snails pace. The beer was cheap $3.00 for a tallboy (thanks,greatly appreciated by all) but, you go use the cans outside (only ones)and they won't let you back in ! WTF over. Go to the back of the giant ass line. Clusterfuck NO.1. Get rid of the Vendors(not necessary) and put up a big ass tent in the parking lot so you can go back and forth between the two and accommodate way more people.
Nice Tracy style bodied Yamaha
This Earle Ducati looked fat assed in comparison

Yeah you are right. This is a non runner, one of a few of those.
Girly looking RE . Take that guys rattle can license away. Orange, Blue and White ( Wheels on a dirt Bike ?)
Another horrid paint job. The Ronins look menacing in Flat Back but this is just one ugly motorbike
Not to rag on these guys but, really
Good way to eat shit. Hot Rod 150 powered, basically brakeless BMX E ticket ride.