Saturday, February 20, 2016

The One Show Rocks Portland

 Suzook TR750
 They have been twisting one up in Portland for 60 years. 
 Look at the crowd on Saturday 4PM. Packed house with everyone from Bikie Gangs and the Moped Horde to Grandmas and Grandkids. A more well behaved and polite assemblage you could not find.
The One Show is a huge success and getting bigger. Portlanders of all ages get a giant kick out of what is a celebration of the Two Wheeled Gasoline Powered Family.
 Its not all FLH Choppers. Hot Rod Scooter with a video ( in the immediate background) of onboard GoPro Road Race action. You don't have to go 180 mph to have a heaps of fun.
 I thought I was going to see a lot more traditional Holister style old Hogs. This was it and it was beautiful ( with its bald rear tire). It wasn't from PDX but Japan via Germany's W&W Cycle Parts as was the Knuck streamliner,with Indian front end below.
 Fit for a King and Queen.
 There were lots of Long Bikes but only one Ducati Lakes Flyer.
Portland is full of interesting iron and they made the blocks around the show a spectacle of their own.