Monday, January 4, 2016

Being Evel

 Watched "Being Evel" on the History Channel. Enjoyed it immensely even if it did depict him as being a first class asshole. I give him credit for actually lining up and pulling the trigger on those hairball jumps when he knew to make it was fairly close to impossible. My old bud Ernie Pico knew  Bobby Knievel very well back when he was just getting started. Ernie's wife Wanda Pico made all Evel's leathers and Ernie was an old L.A. hustler so they had a lot in common. Apparently Evel went off the rails pretty early, big dogging it around town with Limos and a Hollywood  Floosie entourage, 
Ernie's family still have the Blue leathers that they cut off him after the Wembley Jump in England.

 Evel actually displaying some good taste for a change with his beautiful '72 Ranchero.
I think a lot of Evel's disasters were self inflicted with half-assed preparation of bikes and landing ramps. In this case he is just about to eat it again when the right hand foot peg slid off and he immediately lost his footing. How long "Evel Knievel" will be a house hold name is hard to say but, he sure made a big splash and was a role model for all of us who saw you don't have to live a life dictated by others.