Sunday, November 1, 2015

Portland, OR - Progressive M/C Show

 Had fun at the Progressive Insurance Bike Show in very wet Portland, Oregon. This Indian Chief Stripper tickled my fancy with its bare bones approach.

 Japanese artiste Makoto Endo was there impressing everybody with his freehand style. He paints in black and white and here he is using a chop stick to embellish the black with the white paint.
 Another nice vintage Honda 750 with some unique features to make it stand out from the throng.
 Here is something you don't see every day. A Triumph Dual Leading Shoe front brake from a '68, 69' or '70 Triumph on a Honda ! The forks and headlight are late model Triumph too but not the triple trees.
 Now here is a bike that is a complete waste. Knobbies on this fine canyon carver is as useless as a limp dick at the Mustang Ranch. Some kind of social media gimmick by the local dealership. Sometime ago I saw the lame video of it underachieving on some smooth single track. By the look of the rear tire, it hasn't seen dirt in ages. Being Portland, the olive drab, knobbies and bones, it must be trying to out goon the Icon crowd.

 Now here is a real motor sickle, 1951 BSA 350 Single. It has been thumping around the N.W. for count'em , 64 years.

 Another beautiful British masterpiece. 1950 350 Triumph Twin with sprung Hub. Simple elegance, no wonder they sold the hell out of these gorgeous machines in America ( their biggest market) for 35 years. Unfortunately they got arrogant and complacent and the Japanese came along and blindsided them and put them right out of business.

 The great majority of the new bikes at the show were plastic clad and very similar to one another. This BMW Power Bagger is plastic wrapped also but, it really stood out from the crowd.