Saturday, October 10, 2015

Traditionally it would have been the Pomona Half Mile AMA Final today.

 What a shame Pomona is now extinct. Being the the decider for the No.1 plate , the event was always electric with pressure of the championship, critical on each racers individual performance that day. It made for some of the best Flat Tracking you were ever likely to see. Another huge benefit of the race was the "Night before the National ", the biggest and best race of the year at Perris Short Track where Pros battled ferociously for big $$$ and bragging rights and a confidence boost for the next day on the cushion Half Mile.
 Hats off to all these guys and gals.
 J.D. Beach always charging and a pleasure to watch.
 Jake on the Ducati
 J.R. Addison 450 Racer supreme.

Jeffery Carver on the 750. Watch him go at the final on the 1/10th ! ? ! ? ! Indoor in Vegas 
He is one hell of a Short Tracker.