Monday, October 5, 2015

Thank You Bill Werner !

 Bill Werner had a vision that the little 650 Kawi could change the face of the GNC and he was right. Bill took his lumps with the development of the machine but persevered and should be proud of how the GNC field looks today. It is heavily Kawasized. Springer got involved for a while in the Werner, Springsteen Team Green Kawasaki. The only problem with that combo was, Springer didn't ride ! That would have been something to see. This is their first framer version after giving up on the stock frame.

The Crosley, Howerton  Kawasaki has been the cream of the Kawi krop with the incredible Bryan Smith #42 in the saddle. Their Kawi is great but I feel the success could not have come without Smith's considerable talents teamed up with Crosley Crew. Looking forward to 2016 already and I would like to see this team win a No.1 plate. I do realize that Smith is in contention for the Championship this year ( 2nd place currently, Mees, Smith and Coolbeth)) but he has been screwed by the cancellation of Calistoga ,which he most likely would have won and the Final in Vegas which is a 1/10th mile Short Track, not exactly his forte. With 12 riders per race, his chances are limited if not impossible. I hope I am completely wrong and he wins Vegas and the No.1 Plate.