Sunday, October 25, 2015

Superprestigio of the Americas Nov 21st

 I read with great interest the recent Cycle News interview of Chris Carr who has been instrumental in organizing the racing at the 1st Superprestigio of the Americas. Chris would have been my first choice for such a monumental task too. His experience and acumen must make him the current guru of the State of the Art of flat track. His job is by no means an easy one. First he has to make a tiny 1/10th of a mile dirt track work for such a prestigious event. It is going to see a whole lot of racing and it has to hold up . Secondly, he has to get a field of riders that is fair and includes the obvious Champs and Champs to be and some dark horses who deserve a shot at it. The Main will be between 4 established racers and 4 invited races from other motorcycle disciplines. This will be interesting and probably smart as it will turn into two groups of four racing each other on the tiny bull ring. Josh Hayes who is a pretty fair dirt tracker, is in for the invited group and I have yet to see who else will make up those ranks but.. I nominate John Kocinski, new AMA Hall of Famer and active Flat Tracker and lap record holder at our local Perris, Calif Short Track. Johns got the credentials and the Star Power making him a perfect candidate for this event. Strangely enough the rules allow 250cc bikes to enter against the 450s. John rides the baddest 250 on the planet and I would bet on him to win outright if they let him ride his Honda Rocketship. He is no slouch on any flat tracker, including 450s and he would make an excellent addition to what is shaping up to be a spectacular event.