Sunday, September 6, 2015

Factory TT battle of the Twins

Factory Harleys, Scott and Lawwill battle Roberts on the Factory Yamaha and Williams and Hateley on the factory Nortons. I thought it was interesting to hear Wiles say at Peoria, " Next years Peoria TT , twice as many cylinders ,twice as many fans". I doubt it will draw any more fans and the racing but not necessarily the spectacle will suffer. The racing couldn't get any better than the last decade, with the Singles railing around with defying gravity aerobatics at Peoria. It is a perfect 450 Single track.

The little Kawi Twins will have a huge advantage over the lumbering XR750s and Tubby Triumphs the Dumpy Ducatis and the Krispy Kreme KTMs and the Yumbo Yamahas , of which there are meant to be quite a few. I predict the field will be small, the crashes will be numerous and the program will suffer from  red flags and restarts. I don't think the GNC2 will be running twins so, this will be a rare occasion when the 2nd Tier Race will be way more competitive and exciting than the Big Boys.

Last year Mt St. Helens M/C incorporated a twins race into the program the night before the National at Castle Rock and a good number of vintage twins and current Pro twins raced and there were 100 people max in the stands. Spectacular it definitely will be and enjoyable as all get out for the fans but I don't think it will double attendance and 25 laps on a big twin around Peoria is a heck of a long way for the riders who will be pining for last years 450s.