Monday, August 3, 2015

Campo, Calif - CALVFT - Flat Track and Trials

 CALVMX a San Diego based Club put on their first Flat Track event and it was a great weekend .
They included their Trials group which enjoyed two days of climbing around the granite boulder strewn landscape. The weather was hot, shade was at a premium but a nice breeze made it pleasant.
The club put in an amazing amount of effort to make sure the Flat Track was smooth and fast. It is small, giving riders a real workout but everyone loved it and a six race series is planned for next year, hopefully in the cooler part of the year. Thanks CALVFT, awesome job and we are really looking forward to the next one.

 The Kukla Klan dominated in their classes. Here is Steve,Yamaha mounted
 Medlin showed how to make the high line work and make the track as big as possible.
 The treat of the day for me was to see local legend Bill Silverthorn race. He rode a Husky 360 and was fast and up front in every race. When Edison Dye started the MotoCross Revolution in the USA way back in the early 60's, He imported the first two Hooskies in the country, one for Billy Silverthorn and the other for Malcolm Smith. The rest is history.
What are Three Wheelers good for? There is actually an answer to this question. Get them out between heats and smooth off the track. Get three of them out there and you have a nice smooth cushion track, ready to race.