Thursday, July 23, 2015

This Saturday Night, July 25th, Perris SCFTA Round 7

I have been reading some of the crazy proposed rules for the GNC 2016. One of which is Riders are to wear Full Leathers for Short Track and TT . Get this,  it is not for safety but image. Someone thinks the fans are better served if they watch Short Track with the riders not wearing the MX Style Gear ( That is personalized for them). Really ? The riders look great in that stuff, colorful and vibrant and always new and fresh and Professional looking to the max. Leathers are common sense for Half Mile and Mile Gear. The riders should choose, they have to ride in it. And I think they have spoken. Next they will be saying only Full Face, no MX Helmets because they look better.  I can think of so many reasons for the MX gear. First is, it brings in a lot of  MX based Companies that add to our bigger presence. They Sponsor and supply the Pros with an abundance of great gear and it spreads their Name recognition in our sport. The AMA should be helping the Riders get Sponsors, not take them away! We need Fans in the seats and if we attract MX fans because we look like them, great. Dare I say it, maybe we should follow a few more of their trends as they pack their tracks. You have to admit, Brad "The Bullet" Baker looks really Fly in this gear.