Saturday, June 6, 2015


 For such a big deal ,the highly anticipated X Games Flat Track introduction was a missed opportunity. To the uninitiated it must have looked like a dusty, bumpy, cat chasing its tail affair. For us "Experts" we know this was a product of very poor planning and lousy execution. Riding 750s on a 450 track was the first mistake. Who signed off on that track shape? Not having a blade and water to groom the track was a marketing disaster. Surly the new audience thinks the track is meant to be wavy, rough and kind of a luke warm MX track. The bikes looked awkward and ungainly in the corners, exactly the opposite of what we were trying to convey. I doubt we won over many of the wild child audience we were hoping to impress. There were some positives, our riders did impress and came across great and with not one neck or face tattoo.
The thing that was meant to sell our sport was the style of racing and the bikes. That track didn't allow that to happen. If there is a next year , how about a short track with a conventional shape and a continually groomed surface with no Blue groove. Easy to shoot and spectacular racing to sell. Have a remote event at Perris, Calif.  This is all about TV so, hold it at the best place possible and invited only the best short trackers ( Bryan Smith wont like that -joke). Put on the best show possible which is what our sport deserves. This audience in particular, relate to the 450 because I bet, most of them have one.