Thursday, May 21, 2015

Springfield !

 Here we go, the long anticipated Springfield Mile with a lot of new rider /bike combos with none other than Three Time Road Racing World Champ, Troy Bayliss, Ducati mounted and out prove he is no slouch when it comes to Flat Track too! Good Luck to him. No doubt it will be an eye opener to the uninitiated Aussie Miler. The lightning fast, blue groove Springfield is so difficult on so many levels. Let alone the speed and the host of 1st class competitors, the draft is the crucial factor at this track and this is not an easy thing to cotton to with no front brakes and no experience of going from 5th or 6th and whipping out at just the right time and passing the pack for the lead. It is something you don't want to screw up for your competitors either. Troy has to make his way through the heats and has a lot of learning to do, so I hope he takes it easy and doesn't try to win the first one. Making the Main would be a huge accomplishment and he has 4 more Miles to go. The Sacto Mile is next and us West Coast fans are looking forward to giving the bloke from Oz a real West Coast welcome.