Friday, May 29, 2015

Sacramento Mile Tomorrow - Watch the whole program 2pm - 10pm

The West Coast's first AMA Grand National of the 2015 season, the Sacramento Mile will feature a rematch between two of the greatest Flat Trackers of all time, Jay Springsteen and Chris Carr. Last year Springer prevailed in what was a tight battle.
Carr is on form and hoping to redeem himself on the Zanotti XR750. Springer will be aboard the Champs Mees spare, Rogers Racing XR750. Chris Carr said it's a 48 year old and a 58 year old having fun but, when you get these two together it is bound to be a very interesting duel.
Turn 4 coming on to the straight. It has a base of blue groove but you can run outside of it and here you want your wheels in line and the throttle near the stop.
This is the view all contestants are dreaming about, going across this stripe, with no one in sight ,for the win
Sacramento is a huge track with long straights a huge corners. Turn 1, they leave in on until they are tipped over and way into the corner. Very impressive to see the commitment it takes to ride these big tracks.
Looking back in Turn 1. All kinds of lines used through here from Pole putting to high ,wide and handsome and then cutting down across to the inside for a wound up blast down the back straight.
Starter Kevin Clark lays down some fresh chalk lines for another start. The Heats are run in blazing sunshine that changes to cool darkness for the meat of the program. That is a long way back there to Turn 4.