Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Being Evel - The Movie, due this Summer

 Ha, they should have called it Evel Being, a bit more truthful and fitting. Not taking anything away from his courage or stupidity, he looked destruction or death right in the eye and pulled the trigger.
The guy was a self promoting hustler driven by the need to make money to survive doing the only thing he knew how to do. Offer himself up to fate and hope to roll the dice to a Royal Flush not the Dead Man's Hand. Evel could not help himself when it came to B.S. I saw the old beaten up guy hobble to the podium at the Del Mar Mile and tell the gathered throng he had big news...he was going to jump the Snake River Canyon again and get it done this time. This was met by equal parts, groans, laughter and cheers all of which he took gladly and gave out his web site where we could all buy advanced tickets!
I hope the movie is completely accurate and has footage of Evel on all the four brands he performed his daring-do on, Norton, Triumph, American Eagle and of course H.D.  No doubt, E.K. was one of a kind, an innovator who made himself a household name worldwide and I believe everybody was rooting for him to make it on every jump. He did a hell of a lot for motorcycling, most of it good  and he singlehandedly showed the world what a real wheelie looked like and every young kid wanted to be able to do that and have it in their own bag of tricks.