Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hells Angel Douche Bags ruin 1960 Tecate Grand Prix (and Catalina and Big Bear)

What a shame, all the big SoCal Race events were ruined by peabrained dip shits. These are the same neanderthals that started the Biker Wars in the L.A. beach towns ,Hermosa and Manhattan in the same era. The different Clubs would take over the Pier bars and fight each other and then they would all fight the Cops. The Police put up road blocks on all roads into the Beach towns and kept the Biker hordes out. They still had "Absolutely No M/C Parking " signs right up into the late 70's. It was only when the Cops themselves wanted to play Biker and hang at those same bars, did they take down the signs. How times change, I have seen the H.A. with a booth at Nationals selling "Support you Local H.A." Big Red Swag, like Do-Rags and Beer Cozzies and bumper stickers ! ?
Trophy for the "100 Miler"