Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bonsey & Coolbeth @ DAYTONA

Bonsey took three starts to get it right and when he did he took full advantage of it and rode a flawless race to win his third Grand National Championship victory. Bonsey and Dodge Bros. Racing lead the Championship right out of the gate !
I didn't have Coolbeth on my list to win. That was a huge mistake on my part. Who would bet against ,the oldest most experienced rider in the field, very recent past winner and a guy who seems to be the most relaxed and having the most fun. Dave Zanotti and crew are no doubt looking for a very big year in 2015.
Loved the FansChoice coverage. Please fix the sound so you hear the bikes. Get the new podium chick a mike that works. I like her brief interview approach. The guys calling the race did a great job. I like Carr's little stories about the riders. All in all, great coverage. My suggestion to Daytona International Raceway, hire Brad Oxley and have him replace the Blue Groove surface with some Decomposed Granite and improve the racing 1000%.