Friday, January 9, 2015

"The Sandy Bandit" Clif Majhors

Clif was the Wheelie King many,many decades before Doug Domokos gave himself the name. Majhors taught himself to wheelie as part of his dirt bike skills and he was good enough that Joey Chitwood hired him to put on a one man motorcycle show during his Daredevil Auto Show. Clif traveled the world, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and anywhere else they could gather folks to pay to see some amazing,crazy Yanks put on one hell of a show. Clif had a spectacular routine for the time that included power broadies, crashing through the wall of fire and wheelies, slow, fast and slalom. He really specialized in long distance Wheel-walking as it was called in those days and he held lots of records for wheelieing around all the famous race tracks wherever their travels took them. Clif ( his spelling), was a SoCal Dude for many years until he packed up and moved to Portland,Oregon where he was a Triumph Dealer until they went out of business. His Dealership, Cycle Hub, was on Sandy Blvd, hence the monica "The Sandy Bandit". Clif owned Vanport Speedway for many years and promoted Flat Track racing during Portland's brief but beautiful summers. The shop was packed to the gills with Triumphs, you could hardly walk in the place. Majhors bought the complete inventory of Triumph Johnson Motors when the Corporation folded. He had Semi Trailers full of NOS that had not been opened in 40 years. He did live off selling that NOS stock onesey ,twoseys for years, all at ridiculous high prices. Every year he kept at least one brand new Triumph in its shipping container and he did show me his two car, detached garage at his house completely chock a block, stacked to the ceiling with crated bikes. I immediately recognized five Vetter Hurricanes and four Norton Production Racers. Clif eventually sold the whole shebang to well heeled group of investors. I visited him at his home a couple of years ago now ,living alone after his wife had past and his house had turned into a replica of his shop, with all his personal treasures occupying every conceivable available space. Clif is a self made man, a real hustler of the old school variety. He has a million really great stories and many wacky ideas but most of all a great guy.
This photo looks like it was taken at Long Beach Washington on the north side of the mighty Columbia River mouth. It is a huge expanse of tidal flat sand that was where he went to Wheelie and cut circles and tune his race bikes. He highsided here once and got his hand caught in the chain loosing a couple of fingers on his right hand. A guy in a brand new Vette was also out there sliding around and gave Clif a high speed ride to the distant hospital. Clif remembered two things about the ordeal. One, the guy kept yelling at him for getting blood all over his new car and when they got to the Doc, he asked where are his fingers, they could have saved them if he brought them with him but they where way back there, somewhere in the sand.