Monday, December 15, 2014

Marquez wins Superprestigio.

Congrats to Marquez on winning the SP. Sure enjoyed watching live on my computer monitor. Great program and coverage. Two Americans on the podium, not bad. Condolences to Brad on yet another injury, that's racing hard. Got the lap record but ate it, gettin' it. Mees rode like our Champ. Too bad about the staller on the first corner scewing things up. Seemed like a common problem on that track. 450s stall easy in low gears on tight corners. ( Watched Kenny Coolbeth stall it on a hairpin in the Main at Castle Rock TT earlier this year. He went from the front of the pack to the back. One little hick-up spelled disaster on his points tally.)You gotta love Kevin Clark the AMA Starter. Awesome to see him over there in action again. Congrats to Chris Carr on some excellent commentating, well done. Great to see Kenny Noyes back on the box for the second time this year. All in all, it was Super !