Tuesday, November 11, 2014

SCFTA Perris Final / Double Header

The So Cal Flat Track Assoc. 2014 season ended on a high note with two days of fantastic racing on the perfect Perris Short Track. Typical early November 95F warm weather, didn't slow down a huge crowd of racers trying to finish their 12 race series in their best position possible. This all made for some very intense racing, which is the way it should be when Championships are on the line. A big Thank You to Vince and Crew for hosting such well run and enjoyable events.
Kayl Kolkman won the Pro Class Saturday night after fending off a super competitive hoard of 450s headed by Mikey Rush.He broke away from the pack and showed just how you ride Perris. What a display of bike control,speed and style.
Mike Rush won Sunday's Pro race with a gritty performance on the perfectly prepared Short Track. Kolkman hounded him the whole way but just couldn't quite get to striking distance. A great race and a fitting way to end a very successful season for the SCFTA.