Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pomona Half Mile Winner Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith came to Pomona and did everything he could have done to win the Championship. He dominated on the track. No one came close, winning the final race of the year by a huge margin over Jake Johnson and Brad Baker. Yet, he came up short on his Championship bid and ended up three points shy of Jared Mees, who took the No.1 Plate by finishing 4th. After a long season filled with great victories and WTF moments, Bryan has got to be planning his 2015 season with some valuable lessons under his belt. What an effort by the whole Villa-Esparza,Crosley Radios, Howerton Racing Team. The Kawasaki proved ultra fast and reliable , good on all kinds of tracks and Bryan rode the wheels off it every time he threw his leg over it. The Mega Mile was testimony to Smiths skills and determination and Pomona was the exclamation point on their attack to dominate and grab the No.1 Plate in 2015.
Grand Marshal of the Pomona National ,Gene Romero and Sammy Tanner in the Winner's Pit post race.