Thursday, August 14, 2014

There will be blood - Motorsports are dangerous

Since the late 40's Kids have been racing on dirt and pavement in Quarter Midgets. These pint sized drivers, both girls and boys, learn race craft and hone their skills for the next phase of their racing experience ,if they so desire. They learn the basic skills and common sense rules with every race. The racing is intense and accidents happen. One of the first things they learn is to not walk out on the racing surface. Kevin Hart Jr must have forgotten this when he ran out into the middle of the track to confront Stewart. Two cars in front of Stewart swerved to miss him and when Stewart got there it was too late. I have seen it in F1 , a stalled car on the grid is missed by the first couple of cars and the guy behind runs right into the back at full throttle. Didn't see him until it was too late. At the AMA Gray's Harbor National, the Quarter Midgets were racing at the West end of the Half Mile on a tiny short track. These little racers were really going after it in high tech Honda powered mini Sprint Cars. Passing was not easy but they were getting it done and really mixing it up. Very impressive for 5- 10 year olds. The paddock was packed with motorhomes and trailers and there was a huge number of these little cars competing.The drivers looked great in their embroidered fire suits and custom painted helmets. I saw some spin outs and pile ups but they pulled'em apart and got them going quickly. Great track, great cars and impressive driving from these little guys who are learning lessons with every lap.