Friday, August 1, 2014

Jarod Vanderkooi AMA Pro Singles #17F - Grays Harbor Half Mile Winner

Jarod Vanderkooi rode the wheels off his Johnny's Vintage Motorcycle, Scott Drummond backed Honda 450 to win a wild and woolly Grays Harbor Half Mile ,his first National victory. The challenging banked track provide close, exciting racing with tight, big packs of racers and constant lead changes. Jarod proved he is one hell of a motorcycle racer and really deserved this hard fought win. On the way back from the Victory Podium with a huge trophy and champagne bottle in hand he noticed a mechanic trying desperately to start a stalled Chad Cose on his Kawi, headed for the Pro Twins Main. Jarod promptly drops his Trophy and bubbly in the dirt and sprints down the track to help Cose. They bump the bike off and Jarod has to sprint back to his wares before it gets run over by the coming Twins. Jarod is a Winner and a true Flat Tracker.