Monday, July 28, 2014

Rickman Montesa Road Racer

I am vacationing in Portland, Oregon so Sacramento was too far away and I missed another SCFTA Perris,Cal round. I did get my Sickle Sport fix at the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Assoc meet at the beautiful Portland International Raceway which is right in Portland proper. I purchased a Rickman Montesa brand new, way back in '73 from Competition Motors on Barbur Blvd, Portland Oregon and still have it. They are pretty as can be and that's why I got sucked in, Nickel and fire red, irresistible. The bikes were pretty much crap but it didn't stop me from hauling it all over the West when I moved around. I raced it fairly unsuccessfully in District 37 TTs ( Ascot, Perris and Saddleback)for a few years and had a lot of fun but mainly due to the events not the bike. I always thought of going vintage road racing with it but could not muster the enthusiasm for fear of being bitterly disappointed with the dog, one more time. I got out to PIR and standing out from slew of mundane Jap Sport Bikes was Jared Kenyon on a Rickman Montesa MX 250 Road Racer . Nickel and Fire Red and hauling the freight and having fun!