Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stevie Bonsey - Zanotti Racing

So glad to see Stevie walk away from two scary wrecks at the Springfield Mile. I watched a video of the Springfield Main on the Sideblog and caught glimpses of him going down and recovering from not one but two, slammers. Bonsey is a Racer and these two wipeouts show what it is to be a Grand National Racer. I'm a big Bonsey Fan and not only because I was at his two National victories, Calistoga and Tucson but, because you watch Stevie race and he exudes the will to win. It is a privilege to see him get on a bike and drop the hammer. The first photo shows Bonsey on his Tuscon winning Harley. Tucson was a banked, holey, fast and intimidating dark, big Half Mile and new to the whole field. This was Stevie's second National win and he rode the wheels off it, first under the checkered flag. This was a perfect example of his talent. An equal playing field, no history for anyone on gearing and tire pressure or preferred lines. Same thing at his first National victory at Calistoga , wine country ,Cal. This track was new to everybody and Stevie smoked'em on The Dodge Bros Harley. Now a member of the David Zanotti Racing Team with Kenny Coolbeth Jr ( pictured below battling with Stevie at Calistoga) as his teammate and Chris Carr as his Corners and Straights coach, it going to be great to watch the coming races.