Friday, June 6, 2014

Normandy, France June 6th 1944 D-Day Beginning of the end for Hitler

2,500 Americans died storming the beaches of Normandy this day 70 years ago. Very few of those who fought here and in WWII remain. When they speak, we better listen and remember. "While we braved these fortified beaches to beat back Hitler and liberate Europe....we fought for much more than that. We fought to preserve what our forefathers had died for... to protect our faith, to protect our liberty.... I pray that the price we paid on this beach will never be mortgaged, that my grandsons and granddaughters will never face the terror and horror that we faced here. But they must know that without freedom, there is no life and ,the things most worth living for , may sometimes demand dying for" Second Lt.Walter Ehlers Was the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from the invasion. Died Feb 2014. I think I know what WWII Vets would think of the current unthinkable act by our President acting alone, to swap five of the worst enemy prisoners for one American deserter.