Friday, May 9, 2014

Gene Walker AMA Hall of Famer 1893-1924

Gene Walker won 19 Championships in 10 years as a Professional Racer.
1919 through 1924 he was a top contender whenever he rode onto the track. 
It was considered cowardly to put your foot down even on the biggest slides. Walker changed that and was the first rider to put his foot down at speed on the dirt. He preferred the boards and mile and bigger tracks. His last big win was the 5 Mile Los Angeles Race on the Beverly Hills Boards  ( Wilshire and La Cienega). He died soon after on a dirt track in Penn ,while on the track practicing alone. They tink he didn't see a tractor parked on the inside of the track and grazed it and crashed. No one saw the accident.
Walker rode the fastest bike he could get his hands on but, was part of the Wigwam War Party during the latter part of his fabled career.