Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jim Clark - A true champion

Jim Clark dominated in the golden era of  Car Racing. Before ground effects aerodynamics changed the spectacle of motor racing. Clark understood the dynamics of sideways momentum and how the smooth power slide contributed to his incredible speed. He never bullied the car but, put it in a position to get all the forces working together to provide maximum forward thrust. Todays cars stick to the track like glue and slides are time and speed robbing distractions in what is more mathimatical than the passionate driving style of the sixties. Thank God for Flat Track Motorcycle Racing which ,like the four wheel drifters of the sixties, rely on a beautiful elongated slide to get the best out of their machines.
It is a beautiful sight to witness as a spectator. A feet up, full throttle slide on a Half Mile or Mile dirt track is one of the most thrilling and glorious things you could ever hope to see.
I think Jimmy would have made one hell of a Flat Tracker. He knew how to slide instinctively and just let his brain and his butt tell him his limits of adhesion.