Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hakan Carlquist Two Time World MX Champ

 Hakan and the late, great Danny Chandler on the grid of the Superbikers at Carlsbad ,Calif
Check out Carlquist's funky brain bucket. He no doubt got big bucks to wear that injection molded monstrosity. The Swede was FIM World Champ 250cc in 1979 riding Husky and 500cc World Champ in 1983 on the big Yamaha two stroke. Obviously a tough guy to win two FIM championships but a bad wreck ended his Yamaha contract. He came back as a Privateer on a KX500 and did well. He is famous for his last race when in the second Moto he stopped on the side of the track and had a beer with his fans, took off again and still won by 50 seconds!
First corner of a heat. The start was half way down the drag strip but the lap included it's whole length.
Hakan sizes them up on the outside with the camera bike directly behind him.