Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Zanotti Racing on a Roll

Zanotti Racing left Daytona with both riders in the points. Daytona Short Track II finished with Kenny Coolbeth and Stevie Bonsey on the podium. Coolbeth  with an explosive victory that will certainly set the tone for his season. Bonsey put in a stellar ride for Third. Jake Johnson split the pair for Second on his Ramspur Winery 450. Dave Zanotti has really put together a star studded Team of riders and tuners that may prove to be quite difficult to beat in all disiplines contested in the Championship. Both Bonsey and Coolbeth have the small bore stuff down and Coolbeth and Bonsey know how to win on the big tracks. Working together in a real team effort is the goal and it has already started working. 
 They started the season early in January at the Gene Romero Las Vegas Indoor where the team used it as a fun tune up and get together. Both riders were having a blast on the Pepsi Cola Syrup track and Kenny and Stevie were on it in spectacular fashion.
 Going in...
 Sliding out.. Coolbeth rides hard and going over the limit sometimes is part of going fast.
Kenny liked the sticky little bull ring

 Bonsey has won it twice in a row and looked like he might just do it again( after a back row start) and came through the field but just needed maybe, two more laps. Both riders had Daytona on their minds and were trying to get some good seat time for the big one. It payed off.
Bonsey came to the SCFTA double header Opener, Perris and  showed his Short Track stuff ( on a KTM flying the #5).
Like a lot of the pros in attendance, Stevie was gearing up for the slippery Florida race track that was just a short time away. His Daytona Third place was a great result with the whole field of Short Track specialists behind him.