Friday, February 28, 2014

Mike Haney AMA #91 1973 Houston TT Winner

Mike Haney, the Triumph Terror from Torrance, came close to winning many Grand Nationals right in his back yard at Ascot but had to go to Texas to get his one and only National victory.
It was the Yamaha Gold Cup TT and Kenny Roberts was on a tear and fully expected to win. He didn't, Mike pressured him and Roberts locked it up and stalled in the hairpin after the jump. So a Triumph won the Yamaha Gold Cup.
 Haney built his own hot rod Trumpets and ran out of Harry. D. Fosters dealership in Lomita, Cal , a stones throw from Ascot. Here he is, out front and on the gas, in typical Haney style
 Applying the pressure to Roberts who overcooked it right after the jump and stalled it and lost the race.
Gary Scott follows on another Triumph. Great to see the riders faces in their Bell Magnums.
 Open face helmet with shield and peak on the San Jose Mile. Mike always rode the wheels off his mounts and was some spectacular Flat Tracker to watch. Check the 21" front wheel with Speedway tire.