Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Honda 350 Customs ! ?

So many little Honda 350 customs around these days, which means one thing.
We have run out of decent bikes. Curses to all those enterprising Aussies and Kiwis who
shipped  thousands upon thousands of Triumph ,Nortons, BSAs and Old Sportsters and Hogs and everything interesting out of here by the container loads back in the 80s and 90s. The current crop of bike builders have nothing to find except these little piddlers that no one would poop on 15 ,even 10 years ago.
They are even trying to convince themselves that the worlds ugliest motorcycle, the Honda sideways V-twin is worthy of their blood ,sweat and skin. That's scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
Anyone remember "Triumph Parts" on Anaheim Blvd, Lomita, Los Angeles South Bay.
 A dirty, dingey big complex of buildings and yards chock a block ,floor to ceiling , wall to wall full of every Rat Triumph that ever rolled the cement jungle of L.A. It closed its doors in one day when a fat cat Swede 
bought the business Wheels, Frames and Barrels with a huge wad of cash and that giant cache disappeared onto the foggy continent and left us SoCallians with nothing to sift through but the dregs.