Friday, January 31, 2014

Stevie Bonsey GNC #80 Zanotti Racing 2014

Zanotti Racing will be campaigning with a lot of new changes to the team.
 Kenny Coolbeth will team with Stevie Bonsey in what will make a powerhouse
duo in the GNC. Strength in numbers and experience is always a good combo.
Dave Atherton comes off a championship winning year in 2013 to tune for Kenny Coolbeth.
Dave Zanotti really committed to winning the championship and with two stellar riders and tuners the possibility is very high. 

The new crew had some fun at the WCFTS Las Vegas Short Track.
Here they are in the pits waiting for their heats, watching the action out on the track
on one of the many TVs throughout the facility. Thats a nice line up of bikes.
# 3 is a super trick Vintage framer that John Kocinski raced Friday night
and Jeff Johnson rode Saturday night. This bike is typical Zanotti fare, perfect and potent.
#2 Coolbeth's Honda and #80 Bonsey's Honda. In the back ground, Michele Di Salvo
taking care of details for the team. It is going to be a fun year watching this team in action