Monday, January 20, 2014

Saddleman Vintage Las Vegas

 Dale Hansen dominated Saddleman Vintage. He rode like he has a special connection with this sticky little bull ring. Yamaha 500 Specials are the predominant choice in this highly competitive class.

 Jim Lewis rode the Lazer Frames Honda 350 to a clean 2nd place
 Jeff Johnson made his first time on the syrup track look easy with a nice 3rd place.
And he looked good too on a beautiful Dave Zanotti ,C&J framed Yamaha 500, without a doubt, the trickest piece of machinery in the whole arena.
 Jim Lundgren #70z Honda 350 fine honed his cement style and slid home 4th.
 Wild Wayne Karcich was on fire on Bud Riddle's Yamaha Star Racer.
He bored ,banged an broadslid to an impressive 5th.
Wayne rides for God and Country and da Diceman, hey.
Bud had a fun Friday night, when he raced the bike. Wayne took over on Saturday and was obviously enjoying himself.