Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bill Bertram

 Late January and it is always Mod VS Rockers in San Diego.
It is an event I really enjoy every year. Friday and Saturday
night Bar events and the ride Sunday fill out the entire weekend.
Skipped Friday's Tower Bar party but made the Riviera Room
Saturday night cook your own steak ride in party. Parking lot bands 
and beers and bikes,oh, and Scooters is my kind of fun. Two years 
in a row I had to kick start a Norton 850 that the riders could
not start. Just sayin'. Sunday's ride was perfect with a great big group
of riders on fantastic Bikes and Scooters, tearing up San Diego's back
 country roads. Ton Up Club puts it on and
really does a great job. Looking forward to 2015 M V R.
The end of the ride and weekend is at Hooley's and Irish Taco Bar with 
incredible Corned Beef Tacos. A nice get together with best bike,furthest traveled 
(Portland, Oregon) lets everyone unwind and depart for home.

I saw these two photos taped to the seat of a really nice Green TR-6.
I didn't know anything about Bill Bertram before I read this but, I know a lot about him know.
Bill was our kind of guy and had a lot of fun. His life and legacy live on.